The Lady Amalthea (howshesparkles) wrote in thespiderslogs,
The Lady Amalthea

If you smile through your fear and sorrow...

WHO: Amalthea howshesparkles, Angelina madam_ripper
WHERE: A nice little club somewhere
DATE: January 6, 1936
SUMMARY: A Piano song turns to conversation.

(Stella by Starlight)

I was grateful for the work. My hands were well-trained, dainty across the keys. I am glad for the work that pays for my rent and keeps my days filled, yet it is the nights of music and starlight that makes the monotonous days bearable. Music has always been my one constant.

I knew this little club belonged to Mr. Stark; but he is not here. For this I am also grateful. I don't believe I am strong enough to face him yet. Compared to most little dives in this city, this venue is quite pleasant indeed.

I likely play with more passion than a lady should of my station, but I cannot help but press the keys with all the strength I can muster during the more powerful movements of the composition. I play Stella by Starlight; a pleasant tune, and appropriate for the evening. The bar is rather quiet tonight; but I prefer it that way. I do not usually like entertaining large audiences.

My hair brushes my back; nowadays most women had sawed off their hair, but I still can't bear to. I'm too fond of it, and soon the trend will be some other silly thing, and women will be rushing to grow their hair out again. My, how things change through time. At least my vestements are to date, and that should be enough for anyone.

This song requires my voice; but I do not wish to disturb everyone by raising my voice. So I sing quietly enough that only those who wish to listen can hear. "The song a robin sings, Through years of endless springs. The murmur of a brook at evening tides. That ripples through a nook where two lovers hide."
Tags: amalthea, angelina durless/madame red
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